2014-2016 Ragnar Nurkse Visiting Professor in Development Policies

Professors Dres. Conrado Ramos (University of the Republic, Uruguay), Datuk Norma Binti Mansor (University of Malaya, Malaysia) and L. Randall Wray (University of Missouri-Kansas City and the Levy Institute of Bard College, New York, USA) have accepted their appointment as Ragnar Nurkse Visiting Professor at the RNS for 2014, 2015 and 2016, respectively.

The Nurkse Professorship is a position designated for internationally distinguished development scholars; occupants will teach the graduate-level course „Development Policies and Globalization“ each Spring semester. Previous holders of this professorship were Professors Dres. Jayati Gosh (2011, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India) and Andrew Massey (2012, University of Exeter, Great Britain).

„We are truly happy and honored that our signatory senior visiting position could be once again filled with scholars of global renown who represent various aspects and facets of the Nurkse legacy and of the RNS’ interests in development studies. Prof. Ramos is an outstanding expert on comparative Latin American PA and, as the immediate past deputy director of Urguguay’s Office of Planning and Budget, also someone with a very practical background,“ said Dr. Veiko Lember, Head of the school. „Datuk Norma Binti Mansor from Malaysia is likewise, next to her many academic activities, very involved in the PA reform efforts, education and training in her nation; she is also particularly well-fitting for the appointment as her scholarly work links PA and development economics. And with Randy Wray, the RNS will host one of the best-known heterodox monetary theorists of our time, fitting right into the Post-Keynesian projects our faculty has undertaken.“

Professor Ramos will teach the „Development Policies and Globalization“ course from 15 to 21 May 2014, focusing on Public Administration in Latin America. Participants from other TUT departments with an interest in the topic are welcome to attend.