Second Semester (30 ECTS)

The first Spring semester (February–May) provides a more practical focus on developing innovation capacities and managing digital transformation in modern societies and governments:


Compulsory classes

· Implementing Governance in a Diverse Globalized World, 6 ECTS

· Creating Innovation Capacities of Governments, 6 ECTS


The students can further select 3 electives that allow them to deepen practical skills either in technology governance and innovation or in digital transformation and public-sector innovation, e.g.:

· Digital Transformations of Government, 6 ECTS

· Big Data and Public Policy, 6 ECTS

· Innovation and Case Studies of New Technologies, 6 ECTS

· Special Course in Technology Governance, 6 ECTS

· Students can select from a further list of general courses (e.g. Research Methods in Social Sciences) as well as interdisciplinary courses offered at TTÜ (e.g. Public-Sector Service Design and Implementation; Basics of e-Health; Foundations of Cyber Security; Human Rights, Ethics and Technology etc.).