MA graduate degree in Technology Governance and Digital Transformation

Key facts:

2-year program, 120 ECTS 

- Possibility to study at least 2 semesters (2nd year) abroad and work remotely 

- Tuition fee for the program: 2300 EUR / academic year

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The Technology Governance and Digital Transformation (TGDT) is a Master’s programme that is future-oriented and truly inter- and trans-disciplinary: from economics, technology and innovation to governance and public policies, where all key components of the socio-economic future are purposefully linked. It equips students with the capability for critical thinking and with practical management skills on technological change, innovation and digital transformation that will make You succeed in tech-focused private and public organizations as well as in international bodies. We want to under-stand digital technologies as the key driver of development around the world, and we want to make sure that digital transformation brings about sustainable, green growth and human-centered development.

The Master's programme brings together some of the most renowned scholars of innovation and governance – Carlota Perez, Erik S. Reinert, Wolfgang Drechsler, Jan A. Kregel, Robert Krimmer and others – who offer students a coherent set of skills for understanding and managing technological changes and digital transformations in tech- and innovation-oriented private and public organizations as well as in international bodies. 

The TGDT program is designed for those who want to know:

1) the dynamics of techno- and social innovation and the role of different actors (entrepreneurs, large companies, governments, and most of all, humans) in these dynamics and in steering innovation towards a more sustainable future; 

2)  the heterodox perspectives of economic development and innovation processes, i.e. systems of innovation, evolutionary, post-Keynesian, commons-based, or non-Western;

3) the role and nature of technology, including its critique, and, in particular, the meaning and management of digital transformations, and its impact on economy, society and government 

Admission: Students are encouraged to apply on a rolling basis. Application deadlines for the MA program: 1 April for non-EU candidates, 1 May for EU and countries who do not need visa to enter Estonia.  

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