Why Technology Governance & Sustainability?

Why this specialty?

* The programme is based on case-study based teaching and has a strong emphasis on internship and practical experience, without neglecting relevant theory.

* The programme design complements the standard text-book knowledge, mainstream economics and governance theories with more realistic and relevant perspectives and practical case studies.

* The programme offers site visits to Estonian government offices and companies and guest lectures from leading Estonian and international innovators and visionaries.

* The minimum stay in Estonia is one year – the second year is dedicated to Internship & Consulting Lab and graduation thesis writing, which can both be done from anywhere in the world.

* The Faculty consist almost exclusively of internationally distinguished and award-winning professors.

Just to highlight some of the current research topics our scholars focus on and integrate into their teaching modules:

* Prof. Vasilis Kostakis leads the large-scale European Research Council funded research project – Cosmolocalism – that will advance our understanding on how to create a sustainable economy through the commons. Read more from his brief post in Harvard Business Review and visit his research lab:

* Prof. Erik S. Reinert, founder of The Other Canon Foundation, is one of the leading scholars on the history of economic development – see his famous book on How Rich Countries Got Rich and Why Poor Countries Stay Poor – and he is currently collaborating with the EU and OECD on developing new approaches to building sustainable development in the Global South and beyond.

* Prof. Carlota Perez, the author of best-selling Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital, The Dynamics of Bubbles and Golden Ages who has been recently named by Forbes among the three female economists whose work has been crucial for understanding today's economy, is currently researching the role of the state in directing innovation and economic development towards Smart Green Growth, see more: and

* Prof. Wolfgang Drechsler, one of the founders of the Nurkse Department and the TGDT MA programme, is one of the leading scholars on the implications of digital transformation on governance and on how governments can deliver agile stability and capacities for future-oriented thinking in modern Western and non-Western societies.

* Prof. Robert Krimmer, the former OSCE expert on electronic voting and currently the coordinator of the largest EU public sector innovation project – The Once Only Principle Project – developing the building blocks for the European Digital Single Market, is one of the leading voices on how to build inclusive and participatory e-governance systems.

* In addition, each year in spring, RND invites also a distinguished Ragnar Nurkse Visiting Professor (e.g. Jayati Ghosh, Randy Wray, Akira Nakamura) to discuss the most pertinent issues regarding globalization, development and innovation