The Technology Governance Masters program is offered in cooperation with the European Inter-University Association on Society, Science and Technology (ESST) by providing the possibility for students of ESST full-member universities to carry out their second semester of study at TUT on an exchange basis. For further information, please visit the following website:

Contact person at TUT for ESST 2nd semester students is Egert Juuse (

Moreover, students studying within the Technology Governance program have the possibility to spend a semester or even two in one of department's partner universities under the LLP/Erasmus scheme or within the EMPA (European Master in Public Administration) Network's international masters program, which also would lead to an additional EMPA Certificate. Such a semester abroad can be undertaken after completing one full year in Tallinn and extends the time of the TG MA for that period.  It is possible in this context to widen one's horizon by studying fields related to TG but not a core part of it, such as management, public administration, or governance.  We have agreements, for instance, with such leading European universities as SciencesPo, Paris (France), Bocconi University, Milan (Italy), the University of Geneva (Switzerland) and the Catholic University Leuven (Belgium) - EMPA partners - and the Universities of Lund (Sweden), Aalborg (Denmark), Oslo (Norway), Maastricht (The Netherlands), Salzburg (Austria) and other Erasmus partner institutions.

The deadline for EMPA application is usually late February and for Erasmus late February and late September. For more information on EMPA please contact Margit Kirs ( EMPA applicants are encouraged to apply simultaneously for Erasmus scholarships provided that the host university has an Erasmus agreement with TUT.

Students from our ESST/Erasmus/EMPA partner universities interested in studying Technology Governance courses or elsewhere at Tallinn University of Technology will find all the information required at the TUT exchange students page. Even though course schedules vary from year to year, most of the courses taught in Fall semester and Spring semester remain the same. In 2010 Erasmus Network Survey, Estonia ranked 1st regarding the average satisfaction level for stay in the hosting country institution.