Small States

Professor Tiina Randma-Liiv
Research fellow Külli Sarapuu
Research fellow Tarmo Kalvet

The course discusses crucial issues in development and administration of small states. Small states face often highly different problems than larger states, both in terms of the nature of problems (size of the market) and in potential solutions (limited human capital). Globalization and regionalization add new complex challenges to small states. Innovation and industrial development often depend on long-term and large-scale investments and growing markets, both lacking by nature in small states. Thus, the specific innovation and industrial policy context of small states build a special focus of the course.

R. Baker (ed.). Public Administration in Small and Island States, West Hartford, 1992.
C. Clarke and T. Payne (eds), Politics, Security and Development in Small States, London, 1987.
Tiina Randma, Civil Service Careers in Small and Large States: The Cases of Estonia and the United Kingdom, 'Administrative Organisation, Tasks of the State, and the Civil Service' series, vol 47, Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2001.

Credit: 3
Grade: Yes
Mandatory: Yes