Erik S. Reinert

Professor of Technology Governance and Development Strategies. Reinert did his undergraduate studies at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and has an MBA (Harvard) and a PhD in Economics (Cornell). In 1972 he founded and later developed a small industrial firm (color sampling to the paint and automotive industries) in Bergamo, Italy. Adding production plants also in Norway and Finland, this company developed into the leading European firm of its kind.

After selling the company in order to pursue his scholarly and policy interests, Reinert became Director of Research of the Norsk Investorforum, a lobby group and think tank set up by large Norwegian corporations; he also held a part-time position at The Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM), a research institution established by the University of Oslo. Leaving this position in 2000, he became the Executive Chairman of The Other Canon Foundation (, a small center and network for heterodox economics research.

Reinert's research interests and publications focus around the theory of uneven development and the history of economic thought and policy. His book How Rich Countries Got Rich ... and Why Poor Countries Stay Poor won the Myrdal Prize in economics and the Norwegian Selvaag Prize, both in 2008. As a consultant, Reinert's emphasis is on industrial and economic policy, the preconditions and management of innovations, and the relations between financial and production capital.