Professor Drechsler awarded a grant by the Taiwanese National Science Council

Wolfgang Drechsler, Professor and Chair of Governance, has been awarded a Visiting Scholar of Science and Technology grant by the Taiwanese National Science Council. His host is Minister Chung-yuang Jan of the Examination Yuan (the one of the five branches of the Republic of China’s government that deals with civil service examinations and qualifications). Minister Jan also holds a professorship at the Department of Public Administration of National Chengchi University, Taiwan’s leading school for social science research, with which Professor Drechsler will be affiliated.

Drechsler has been invited because of his studies on the contemporary relevance of classical Chinese and generally Neo-Confucian public management, especially as compared to “Western” models and as concerns impact on economic development. This is part of Drechsler’slong-term research project on Non-Western Public Administration in the 21st Century.