Another visiting PhD student arrives to TUT Department of Public Administration

TUT Department of Public Administration has welcomed another foreign PhD student supported by the DoRa 5 framework who will stay in Tallinn in the period 01.04-31.05.

Mr. Rustamjon Urinboyev from Uzbekistan is a PhD student in sociology of law at Lund University studying public administration issues and state-society relations in post-Soviet Central Asian states. He will work under the supervision of Professor Wolfgang Drechsler and his goals for his stay at TUT are the following:

1) take a course on “Non-Western Public Administration” by Prof. Wolfgang Drechsler;

2) do research on the comparison between Western and non-Western public administration models, under the guidance of Prof. Drechsler. Based on the findings of this research he plans to write and submit a paper to an academic journal.

3) under the guidance of his PhD adviser at Lund University and the faculty at Tallinn University of Technology he would like to prepare the first draft of his PhD thesis that is to be submitted for pre-defence seminar upon his return to Lund University in June 2012.

The Department of Public Administration has previously hosted two DoRa 5 scholars – Ms. Ruchira Sen (India) and Mr. Aziz Klebleyev (Uzbekistan).