Alexandre H. Urushima

Title: Algorithmic Governance in Context: The Challenges of Big Data in Humanitarian Action

Supervisor: Dr. Anu Masso

Opponent: Colin Van Noordt

Defense: 6 June 2023


Abstract: Recently, humanitarian action has increasingly relied on algorithmic solutions to ensure timely and effective responses to crises. However, concerns have been presented regarding the potential risks and consequences of using AI technology solutions during these operations. The present study proposes a profound investigation of the social phenomenon of Algorithmic Governance in Context (AGiC), using data from one social context to another to develop an algorithmic process in humanitarian action. This dissertation will define several concepts related to AGiC in humanitarian action to answer the research questions. Additionally, an exploratory case study of a humanitarian algorithmic solution (GeoMatch) will be studied when hypothetically applied in two countries (Brazil and Estonia) based on the opinions of immigration experts. The study concluded that adequate AGiC is a relevant phenomenon that must be attended to for the effective implementation of AI technology in the context of humanitarian action.


Keywords: Algorithmic governance, algorithmic governance in context, artificial intelligence, machine learning, humanitarian action