R. Urinboyev

One of the main reasons that motivated me to do a short-term research at the Tallinn University of Technology, Public Administration and Management specialization, was the access to the faculty that is deeply focused on the issues of non-Western public administration, law and economics in governance, state theory and political philosophy. In addition, having located in Eastern Europe, TUT is a perfect site for building academic networks and working with other scholars, interested in public administration developments in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

I came to TUT as a visiting PhD student for two months, during April – May, 2012. Three main aims that I set out for myself at the onset of the ESF DoRa Programme were: (1) taking a course on “Non-Western Public Administration: The State and Public Administration in Classical China and Islam” by Prof. Wolfgang Drechsler, (2) writing an article on non-Western public administration, under the guidance of Prof. Drechsler, and submit this article to an academic journal, (3) preparing a draft of my PhD thesis under the guidance of my PhD adviser at Lund University and the faculty at Tallinn University of Technology which was to be submitted to Lund University in the summer 2012.

In addition to three aims mentioned above, during my stay at TUT I have also participated in the 20th NISPAcee Annual Conference in Ohrid, Macedonia. During the NISPAcee conference I have presented a paper entitled “Political Stability through Welfare Reforms: Comparative Study of Western Europe and Central Asia“. This paper was highly influenced by Professor Drechsler’s “Non-Western Public Administration“ course, and was well received by conference participants. During the NISPAcee conference I was also invited by Prof. Drechsler to participate in the NISPA closing plenary panel as a representative of Central Asia where I made a short speech about the current public administration developments in Central Asia.

I was given an opportunity to present the draft of my article both at the PhD student seminar and at Annual Halduskultuur – Administrative Culture Conference 2012 “Local Governance, Decentralization and Participation: Meta-Governance Perspectives” on 27-28 April, 2012 at TUT where I have received valuable feedback and suggestions on the content as well as the structure of my article. Under the guidance of Professor Drechsler, I am making the final revisions of the article right now. The article should be ready to be submitted within the next month.

Rustamjon Urinboyev (Uzbekistan, student at Lund University), visiting PhD student (2012), DoRa 5 scholarship recipient.