The State and Governance

Professor Rainer Kattel
Professor Wolfgang Drechsler
Lecturer Illimar Ploom

This course will first discuss the State, as a theoretical and historical phenomenon, from its origins in the Greek polis to its contemporary existence in a globalized world and its European form, as the basis and source of any policy as well as of authority, decision, and the manifestation of the common will and weal.  Then, the concept of governance is investigated: its relation to Staatswissenschaften, its origins, its difference from corporate governance, the place of government within governance , and the specific case of “Good Governance”.  Special attention is given to the role of the state, and to the concept of governance, in the formulation and implementation of Technology Governance. 

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Ernst W. Böckenförde, State, Society, and Liberty. New York, 1991.
Wolfgang Drechsler, On the Viability of the Concept of Staatswissenschaften, European Journal of Law and Economics 12: 105-111, 2001.
G.W.F. Hegel, Elements of the Philosophy of Right, Cambridge, 1991.
Trames 8 (2004) 4, special issue on “Governance and Good Governance”.

Credits: 3
Grade: Yes
Mandatory: Yes