Technology Governance - MA/PhD graduate degree in innovation policy and development economics

The program at Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia (MA in 1,5-2 years, 120 credit points, 3750 EUR tuition for the whole program) is:

  • aimed at understanding the capitalist economies and economic development processes with a focus on developing and transitional countries;
  • explained by presenting more realistic, real-life related economic theories, e.g. development economics, evolutionary economics etc.
  • opposed to standard text-book economics taught at most universities.

The following areas of study are covered and interlinked with each other:

- public administration and the role of the state in economic development and growth;
- innovations, economy and finance;
- the essence and role of technologies (the topic of E-Governance).

Admission: Students are encouraged to apply on a rolling basis. Application deadlines for the MA programme vary from May to July depending on students’ origin (non-EU vs EU citizens).  

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