Core Courses

The two-year Masters program in Technology Governance is a technology-focused special graduate degree that could be placed in such areas as Innovation Policy, Industrial Policy and Development Economics as a realistic alternative to mainstream (“Standard Textbook”) Economics.

Our curriculum includes the theory of uneven development and the history of economic policy. In that sense, this is the international Innovation Policy and High-Tech program with a solid foundation in history and theory, embedded in an exciting environment, that so many students and scholars were always looking for yet could not find!

Prospective students are encouraged to have a look at the contents of some of the very best courses offered by the program and taught by our internationally recognized professors:

Technical Change and Techno-Economic Paradigms (Carlota Perez);
History of Economic Policies and Theory of Uneven Development (Erik S. Reinert); Financial Policies, Innovation and Economic Development (Jan Kregel);
E-Governance (Wolfgang Drechsler);
Case Studies in Technologies and Industries (Rainer Kattel);
Development policies and globalization (visiting professors);